Covid-19 Response

Updated on April 26, 2020

Hi everyone,

Thank you for all of your emails asking about our CSA and farm in the last few weeks. With the world’s uncertainty, we want you to know that we are here for you to answer questions and to provide food for your household regardless of a pandemic.

Food security is front of mind for so many right now and we are happy to continue the discussion. I just updated our website,, so everyone can *hopefully* more easily find the information they’re looking for – but please comment below, email me, or send a Facebook message if something is difficult to find or you still have a question. I’m going to try my best to respond to the most common questions here, in the hopes that it will help someone still looking at their options:

1. Are we still accepting CSA applications? 
Yes! Thank you for your interest in our CSA. Our program starts on June 17th. 

2. Will you deliver CSA boxes?
No, we don’t have the ability to deliver at this time.

3. How are you preparing for pick ups in light of Covid-19?
This is a loaded question. News changes every day, so what we might do before the start of our season in June is different than what we know now. That said, our farm stand is currently under construction and we are focused on completing that before June. Based on today’s knowledge, this is our plan:

—ONE: Practice social distancing. When construction finishes, we have gaffers tape to mark the floor with strips representing six foot distances. 
—TWO: In keeping with CTDOAG food safety practices, we will not be able to provide pre-packed bags of produce. Instead, we will have reusable plastic bins that will be filled with your produce for each week. You can transfer the produce from the bin to one of our bags or to one of your reusable bags (the first will be included in your CSA membership, additional bags will be available at cost). The bins will be washed each week.
—THREE: This is a judgement free zone. If you want to pick up your produce wearing a mask and gloves, by all means, do whatever you want to feel protected.

We ask that everyone please keep in mind that our farm stand is now a lean-to attached to our barn (this is 2020 development that not many will have direct experience with). It is open air (picture below) and mostly self service. Our CSA window is from 3–6 on Wednesdays, and in my decade of running the CSA program, there are rarely more than 1-2 people getting their produce at the same time. Farm stand customers and current/former CSA members – can you share your experience with safety and how crowded the farm stand has been for you?

In addition to providing local, delicious, and healthy produce, one of the benefits a small farm provides is the minimal number of people who touch your food. We grow, pick, wash, and pack everything on site with our small staff. There are no distributors, no grocery receivers, and no further staff placing food on shelves. If you are concerned about food safety, we feel that you should feel safe buying your produce from us. While we don’t have Instacart or Amazon Prime’s capacity to deliver, we will make our CSA and farm stand experience as contactless and as smooth as possible.

We take these precautionary measures seriously, and we hope that you will consider driving to our farm for your weekly produce haul.

Try to stay safe and positive! We’ll see you soon.